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Posing Guide - Secrets Under the Blanket

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Image of Posing Guide - Secrets Under the Blanket

It's Here!

If you own the posers from Little Dreamer Props this is the guide for you! If you don't own the poser - Go get it RIGHT NOW!


This guide features how to use the Little Dreamer Props - Half Body Poser

See under the blanket with a real life baby being posed on the posers. See how I modify poses with using this poser and additional tips and trick.

Poses covered in this guide:
Bum Up
Side Bum
Huck Finn
Head on Hands
Modified Head on Hands

Lighting on the Bag
What's in my Cart?

Cards are on 8.5x11 crop so you can print these on paper, send them to a printer to be printed and laminated or save them to your tablet and consult them during your session.

If you love these cards you'll love the video making them! Coming Soon!!

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