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1:1 Onling Mentoring


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Online from the comfort of your own home

Schedule when it works for you!

You'll also get all the videos and digital products on this website for FREE!

This can help you in areas such as workflow in both sessions and in the culling/editing process. You will join me in an online session where you are able to see my screen. I can talk you through my own personal workflow, showing you unedited sessions, how I move from pose to pose. Need help on those pesky composite shots, making your wrap look so neat and clean or you can never seem to get that skin to look creamy and beautiful. I can help you from the comfort of your own home. Hang out with me for 3 hours and soak it all in!


Natural/Studio Lighting Techniques with behind the scenes images/videos and live demonstrations in the studio via live streaming video.

Soothing and Posing Techniques with access to my prep guide and explanations to why prep is so important for you and the parents.

Essential items needed to helped produce the right atmosphere to have a sleepy baby.

Session Workflow - My flow posing and how to overcome objections from an awake baby and keep shooting!

Styling a Session - The best workflow to get the most bang for your buck out of each session and use your time wisely.

Light Room & Photo Shop Post Processing - I can edit your images or show you how I edit mine. Culling and post editing processes in Light Room and final touches and composites in Photoshop.

And Soooooo Much More!